February 14, 2023


With warm summer longings we wish all a safe and healthy end of winter.  Your club board and social committee have a great summer of sailing and parties planned.   

Many thanks to our 2022 judges and boat rescurers, Ed and Pat Impens, Rick and Pat Fettes, Dennis Lynch and Denny and Patti Donohoe.   Many thanks to our 2022 social committee as well, Dian Lynch, Pat Impens and Anje Schaefer for all of their dedication and hard work. They’ve already got 2023 planned and an email will follow with more details.

The 2023 board is:

Commodore - Tod Hammes

Vice Commodore - Tom Westenberger

Fleet Captain - Chris Impens

Treasurer - Kurt Petrie/Nikki Andrews

Secretary - Mary Lynch

Members at Large - Wally Brown and Eric Lindell

Social Committee - Dian Lynch, Pat Impens and Anje Schaefer

Email to follow with the 2023 membership application and calendar.  Mark your calendars and invite your friends and neighbors to join us. We are looking forward to a great social and sailing season.  Follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information. 


Tod Hammes 


Browns Lake Yacht Club